Exploring Georgia with Nikon D850​

November 1, 2021By 0

November 2017, I was invited by Nikon Middle east to participate in their 1st ever photo tour in the beautiful country of Georgia. If you have been following me for quite some times now you are aware that I am not a Nikon user. So I am quite surprised with the invitation. Though got very excited about the trip for 2 reasons; 1st is that I will have the chance to play with Nikon d850 and secondly I will see again the beautiful country of Georgia.

Nikon Middle East enrolled me to their NPM (Nikon Premium Member) Program, I am actually on of the 1st members in the middle east (yahoo!). This qualifies me to avail one of the many benefits of being a member which is the Loan program. They let me play with the new D850 and 3 lenses which are 14-24mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8 (know as Nikon’s holy trinity). I got the gears 1 week before our trip so I can familiarize with the menus and functionally of the camera. But honestly, it only took me 30 minutes to figure it out, because the menus are very user friendly and buttons on the camera are all placed strategically.

I was in Georgia for 4 days and 3 nights (Nov 29- Dec 02, 2017) together with other Nikon Members. We arrived in Tbilisi at around 6pm in the evening.

We hit the road 5am the next morning. Our first destination is the beautiful Jvari Monastery. It is sitting on a top of a hill in the Gori Region. We are planning to get a sunrise shot of the church. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and drizzling that time. Nonetheless, as a travel photographer I am used to this kind of unpredictable weather. Luckily I still manage to get decent photos.



The photo above shows how good the dynamic range of the Nikon d850 (move over on the image to see the unedited shot). In a high contrast scene like this, having a camera with awesome dynamic range is very important. This gives me flexibility in choosing shots. With a dynamic range of 14.8 EV and the low noise capability of the D850 it is almost impossible to mess a shot.

The next image is an example of how the right tool can empower one’s creativity. I wanted to get this specific shot of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, but the 24-70mm that I had on the Nikon D850 wasn’t helping me get the exact frame that I had in mind. Switching to a 70-200mm made all the difference. It allowed me to create more distance from the subject (around 300 meters) and compose a shot that has all the architectural elements that I wanted, but still has a clear focal point.



The above photo is one of my favorite shots from this trip. It was taken inside the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. The excellent auto-focus of the D850 is a factor in nailing this shot. It is quite dark inside the church but because the d850 is capable to focus up to 4 stops (-4ev) it not a really a big deal.

Also, I would normally had a hard time dealing with the details of a heavily shadowed shot like this, but with the D850 it was a cakewalk and it is again because of the shockingly good dynamic range of this camera! Defo one of the best amongst the cameras that I’ve used so far.

The D850 I believe is very well build camera and because of the it can also be used to shoot action, sports and wildlife. There’s really no beating the Nikon D5 for action and sports photography, but I was quite surprised to see that the D850 can hold its own in these areas as well. At 7fps, this beast can give you up to 51 full resolution images in a single burst. This, plus the camera’s 45.4 megapixel power gives you a machine fit for capturing adrenaline! Auto-focus is freakily fast too.



Conclusion: Do I want to own the D850? Hell yeah! The Nikon d850 is the best DSLR I have used so far. With its super fast auto-focus that can focus up to -4ev, 14.8 dynamic range, low noise capabilities and can record 4k video in 60 fps, this machine is truly the king of DSLR.

I am also impressed on the NPM program of Nikon. I have experienced it 1st hand. The support that Nikon is giving to its consumer is just unbelievable. As and NPM member you can get discounts on their photo tours and you can join photography workshops, borrow lens, and get check up and cleaning services all for free. To learn more about NPM program just click on this link http://www.npm-mea.com

Below is a video my Georgia trip with Nikon by the talented Suzette Peachie