“Three Games of Men, Known as Naadam

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"Three Games of Men, Known as Naadam

One of the highlights of my 5-day stay in Ningxia, China last October 2017 is the Tonghu Grassland visit. It is a unique place because can enjoy the desert, grassland, and wetland at one place.


Tonghu Grassland is one of Mongolian’s settlements along the Silk Road during the reign of Genghis Khan. It is located just north of the shared border between Inner Mongolia and Ningxia.


“Three Games of Men, Known as Naadam.


Our group arrived in the place around 5 pm in the evening to witness the Mongolian Bonfire Party known as Naadam. It’s a re-enactment of a Mongolian Wedding Ceremony that displays the “Three games of Men” that is widely performed among Mongols during important festivals. The three games are archery, horse racing, and wrestling.


Wrestling is considered the most important of the “Three games of Men”. It is one of Genghis Khan’s ways to keep his army fit and ready for battle during his reign.


Though I did not understand the show completely, as it is not in English, I enjoyed it. With the all-out performance of the actors, special effects and the lighting, I can say that it is one of the top live shows I have witnessed in China.


I personally enjoyed most is when the audience was asked to join the dance and wrestling competition. During the wrestling battle, the atmosphere was so intense as the participant is so determined to win. The fight took more than 5 minutes, which ended with a draw.


There are other activities you can enjoy and to name a few are Horse Riding on the grassland, and Camel Riding on the Desert. You can also try Mongolian dishes and dine in one of the beautiful Mongolian tents. It’s the best way to experience its culture.


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